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    Where will this get me?

    Ok now I am running a heat soaked 72.3 mph @ 7030-7050 rpms with no engine mods at all.
    Im pretty happy with the setup since it is very stable and Im using a 1200 grate with almost no cavitation.

    Now its time to get those rpms back. I was thinking a race filter, D-plate, and efi controller for now. I have a running bet with a friend that I can hit 75mph for $1000 or less. With these parts and what I have already I will be real close money wise but will make it. My question is wil the race filter, EFI, and d-plate get me the 2.7 mph I need?

    I know I can make it over all since the rideplate holes are unfilled and Im running with stock trim tabs installed, and a 1200 grate.

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    Your doing 72 with no mods at all?............0n your 06 gpr?.........with the 1200 grate. My friend has the 06 model, with the exhaust mod and the 1200 and he is no where near that speed....... what gives.

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    With no ENGINE mods. I have lots of hours under, behind and in front of the ski but none under the seat as of yet.
    (Attention to detail) has been the best speed gainer so far. The other parts "purchased" have been the grate, prop,and ride plate.
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    you will not gain 2.7 mph. by doing the efi, d plate, and filter.
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    please list all your mods.

    are you running stock compression ?

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    Where did you get the extra 2-300 rpms without any engine mods?

    I've got a ported stage II 1200 and barely turn those rpms. Tell me what's shaking.

    Not doubting your numbers, I think they are great! I just want some of that sweet stuff.


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    Here are a few post from recent past to show the progression.

    8/07===I ran a base line yesterday with my mostly stock 05 1300, the average from 7 runs on gps was 65.6mph with a 66.8 being the highest (first run) and 64.9 being the lowest (last run). It was 99-101 degrees and the water felt like bath water.

    8/25===Since I posted this I have modded the rideplate, added the tach, did a little hull work, and added the prop and grate. That brought me to a new average of 69.7 at 6940-6980rpms. This week I noticed the 1200 grate is slowing me down, there were 2 spots on the ride plate causing big drag, and filled the bolt holes on the pump shoe.

    Since that last post on 8/25 Ive done more hull and ride plate work with grinding spacing,and filling. Mostly the notch I have posted about before were the ride plate and the transom plate meet. All had to be changed and blended. The holes in the pump shoe filled,

    8?25 is my first ride with the tach, that was the 6940-6980. Now it is 7030-7050, I think the biggest change to get that 70 rpm was the temp and humidity. Yesterday was 75 degrees with low humidity, 8/25 was mid 90s. other than that would be less drag.

    Mods that gain rpm other than having more lift and less drag are- Air screen drilled, bucket removed, syphon tube and pisser removed, pump and nozzle polished, cat left in, SS left alone, ring free (actually helps).
    but measurments helped the most.

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    Your doing great if your running 72mph on GPS without engine mods especially with a 1200 grate. Best I could do without touching the engine was 70.2mph but I was on a 800grate, dynafly, riva plate, and only spinning 6860rpm. The efi, filter and dplate should give you at least 100rpms and 1mph+

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    WTF!!!!!!!! I cant break 70 with everything I got!!!

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    I really havent done anything special (mostly what Ive learned from all of you). The ride plate is angled at 4.85 degrees (its happy place) and trued w/skegs. For everything installed I used feeler guages to assure everything is even and true. The sponsons had to be stepped (I couldnt get over 68 without bouncing). The holes are filled with marine epoxy and the bottom flat surface of the hull is block sanded with 80 grit front to rear. everything that had an edge under the ski was rounded and blended with either a grinder or dremel depending on size, even the bottom of the transom plate itself saw the grinder. The chines were sharpened.
    The ridge in the nozzle that catches water for the visibility stream was ground down and smoothed. The vanes in the pump met the dremel.

    That is pretty much everything I can think of. From the dealer it was a 64mph ski so Its not even one of those lucky ones, it is just responding well to all the attention its getting I guess.

    The 72mph is with gps going in one direction then stopping turning around and coming back. the gps is a new garmin etrex legend. Full superman, gas on buzzer, trim all the way up, mid 70s, slight ripple did better than glass water by about 3 tenths.
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