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    Flipped my ski, need help (was "danger")

    Flipped the ski on a twelve footer today. PWC never ran while hull was full of water. Total fullest hull today was about one forth. Got her to shore and drained the back plugs and hit the bilge. Started fine and ran it to idle for about 10 seconds. Lifted on trailer and went home and thanked Whoever that I did not sink, or die. Two questions for the panel 1. Water one forth up in hull do any damage if not running while water there. 2. Sand in pump probably- how do I get out? Any other things I should do when the ski gets this wet? Have not checked oil yet but not thinking any water in there, I'll check tomorrow. Thanks Ladies and Gentlemen

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    Any sand should have come out of the pump, but pull the strainer and check the wear ring. Water in the engine compartment won't hurt as long as you don't injest it into the engine. Try to dry everything off real good, and if this is salt water use something like salt away.

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    Flush it! The bilge w/ lots of fresh water and the pump (but who cares)?

    Run that motor (ride it) and if there is any sign of moisture in the crank- change that oil- hell, change it anyway...

    You're ok though.

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    But before you run it, check the oil level to make sure it is where it normally is and no appearance of water. If it is normal, run it to dry everything out.

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    I edited your title because it implied you were reporting a new problem you found with the RXP instead of asking for help with a sunk ski.

    Here is a good link in the Sea Doo How To & FAQs on help with water ingestion:

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