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    Abandoned FZS has found a home

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    can someone send me the Yamaha FZR/FZS GX1800 Service Manual 2014
    I found this 2014 FZS abandoned in our neighborhood in Houston with no tags and locks. After 30 days the Sheriff's department tagged it to be towed and we know after 30 days in a yard they sell it off if unclaimed. I towed the ski it to my cul de sac and gave the VIN to a friend of mine who owns Houston Yamaha Motorsports and to a local constable to run it down. It did not come up stolen, but I found it was sold by Bert's in California, and the girl on the title now lived in Phoenix. Bert's and the cop gave the women my # to arrange a pick up, but after 3 weeks I heard nothing. I asked Bert's to call her again and told her to call me. It turns out her girlfriend bought two PWC's in late 2015, and in 2016 they broke up, so the girlfriend stopped making the payments. The story is murky from there, though she said the bank was looking for it, so I called them. Long story short, I negotiated a $7500 price for the jet ski and nice 2 boat trailer. The ski has only 21.4 hours on it, and I doubt this woman used much of the 250 HP. My friend at HYM is getting me a couple of discounted remotes so now I am looking for a service manual. Any help would be appreciated.


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    In need of the manual too. can some one email it to me or post a link PLEASE.

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    Just purchased a 2016 fzs if anyone has a manual, please send to: Thank you

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    can anyone send me a pdf manual for 2013 fzs sho, it would be every appricated thank you

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    Can someone please send me Service manual for FZS 2011.
    Would be great!!

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    I too need the 2009-2013 FZR/FZS Service manual. I need torque specs for the supercharger as its time for me to replace the OEM clutch from factory. Please send to please put " 2009-2013 FZR/FZS Service Manual" in the subject line.


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    Hi guys I'm new here can anyone help me with a pdf so I can do my own motor thank you for any help

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    Any lady that can hook me
    up? Have a 2009 FZS that I desperately need the service manual for. Keeps overheating with no codes, but I think it is from too much oil.

    Please email a manual

    thanks in advance!

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    could use the 2009 fzs service manual also, please send to dj_anthony101@ hotmail. com

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