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    Finally done with training

    I finally got done with training in Orlando, FL last Thursday. Now I can get back working a real job again after 1 1/2 years of school. The first year spent in Phoenix, AZ.
    Im going to be on the road for a week driving half way around the states for job interviews. I already had interviews in Orlando, Miami, Ft Lauderdale and Augusta GA. I even stopped and checked out Riva Racing when I was in the area. I will be driving to Baton Rouge LA today. I will be stuck in Baton Rouge area for 3 days because of labor day weekend. Then Dallas TX, Colorado Springs CO and Omaha NE before I make it back to my hometown that in only 120 miles away from Omaha.
    If anyone knows any good or bad things about the areas I will be at let me know or shoot me an email at

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    What type of training.

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    I spent a year in Phoenix, AZ for auto school. Then the last six months in Orlando for Jaguar automotive Training. I have interviews at Jaguar and also LandRover Dealerships for Techician job openings.
    I decided to do all this for a career change because I got tired of my electro-mechanical job at a production plant. I also plan on having my own shop from my home where ever I end up working on watercrafts what I enjoy doing most.
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    Don`t go out at night in Baton Rouge. Since Katrina its even worse.

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    When in Dallas,Check out Deep Ellum or the West End

    Remember..The liver is evil & must be punished

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    I would look closely cost of living in any area you are considering.
    Here in my area of S. Florida there are plenty of Jag jobs with a large population of them. Plenty of
    Jetski's to work on from home shop........however be prepared to pay $400,000+ for basically a 2/2 starter home. Rents are jumping too since
    many apartments are being converted to Condos. That trend is reversing
    however it's because they can now get $1200+ for 2 bdr apartments.

    Metro Atlanta is worth a look, major city, near mountains, oceans, lakes
    and the cost of living is good. Plenty of work.

    my $.02 for the day.

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    Miami/Ft. Lauderdale home pricing is just plain ridiculous! If I were you I would look elsewhere. A $375,000 home here will cost you $200,000 or less north of Florida.

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    I dont think they could pay me well enough in FL to stay anyway, but FL dealers offer is only $2.50/hr more than anywhere else. Right now Augusta GA has the best all around offer with full paid health benefits, relocation expenses all paid and first month paid rent. I will have to wait to see if any other dealers can match that offer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HOSS
    Don`t go out at night in Baton Rouge. Since Katrina its even worse.
    I have to spend the whole weekend here. I dont really want to stay at the hotel every night. I dont think this place could be worse than Glendale AZ where I lived at for a year when I was in school. I had to spend an extra $100 a month for a storage unit to keep my truck and ski safe. That was a mile away from my apartment that I walked to everyday. The apartment had bars on the windows so it felt like being locked up. Im glad I dont have to live that way again. At least it was only a year.

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