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    Riva BOV Question

    Hi All: Any one ever check the vacuum pressure after their BOV installation. Specifically looking for an idea of what anyone is getting at idle. I assume the reading would be done on the vacuum line end which would later connect to the BOV.

    Jeff G.

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    Jeff the BOV is not going to change the pressure.The BOV is to relieve the back pressure that occurs from letting off the throttle theoreticly saving the SC clutch. Some swear by it and others do not think it is necessary. I do use the BOV but am not convinced that it is a neccessity.

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    Jeff, Welcome to the Forum! ...

    I `m getting 11-12 in. vacuum at idle. I do not use the BOV, another concern is that they leak boost. You`d only be able to telkl if you got some baseline numbers then tested again with the BOV active...
    Enjoy the site bro!...PR...

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    I thought RIVA said its needed with their Stage 3? I thought I read something about them saying a bigger BOV was needed on the Stage 3 IC because of how much boost it was creating?

    I didn't think the SC on their Stage 3 was putting out as much boost as a B-kit, and I don't think everyone with the B-kit is running a BOV.

    Im just confused.

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    The Riva upgraded supercharger puts out 10.5 lbs at 8400 rpm.

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