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Thread: rr thermostat

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    rr thermostat

    just finish installing rr thermostat out of all the mods this one has had to been the hardest had to take apart everything that i already had done
    isnt that riva power filter a pain in the ass for everything its in the way
    they should off put in a easy bracket that you can get to them nuts easier
    and what do you think of them factory clamps aernt them a motherfrrrrr
    but all is done thermostat in and denso plugs also hope it was worth it

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    It will be worth it Peter.

    One tip on the Riva power filter. Forget the bolts in the front bracket. Thread a zip tie thru one of the bolt holes, around the power tube and then back thru the other bolt hole and zip it up. It holds the tube wonerfully. If you ever need to remove it just cut the zip tie.

    It's alot less work this way.

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    RR Computer question.

    I have the Riva stage 2 kit running the 15/20. 7800 rpm's at 73 - 74 mph. If i was to buy the RR computer would i have any gains? Does it advance the timing? Would i have an increase in rpm's?

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    Sorry thought i was posting a new topic.

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