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    Hello Everyone, first question.

    First of all, Hi to everybody here. Just found this forum the other day and it seems like a pretty good group here. Thanks! I've an 01 GPR with milled head, free flow, jet works, angled stock plate, sealed and plug kit, 13/19 Concord, filled bolt holes, and just not quite enough speed, 67.3 consistantly on the gps at 7230 rpm. Seems like I have the rpm to go be at a higher speed, but don't really know where to start. I've heard some talk about too much liner clearance, what is the max before a loss of speed occurres? I've 158 hours on a stock, but ported, and polished up pump.

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    Welcome to the forum !!!

    That 13/19 is only good to 68ish mph. Get a bigger prop-14/20 or so and an aftermarket ride plate and you should pick up a few mph.

    There are a bunch of guys with concord props for sale on the board here.

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    I've got a Nu-jet 6.5 pro from Island pitched at 12/18.5 that should give you 2-3 mph over that 13/19 if interested. A new wear ring probably wouldn't be a bad idea if yours has 158 hours on it.

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