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    Lessons Learned

    I had to replace an oil filter(which isnt cheap) and now the ski is out of comission because the enging siezed this past Sun. So here's a little helpful info for those who havn't yet swapped their keyway. First when putting the flywheel cover plate back on the engine, make sure the notch from the oil filter lines up with the slot in the flywheel bolt...otherwise the oil filter cant take the pressure and will snap. If this does happen, most of your oil will drain out of your oil tank into your hull. Once you get everything back together make sure you bleed your oil lines. to do this there is a hose that comes from the oil filter which seems to go to nothing but a bolt. loosen that bolt, let a little oil drip out to make sure theres no more air and tighten it back up. The bottom line is this crap happened to me and I dont want anyone else to go through this. The end result: 295 for a new oil filter and who knows what to have my 3rd cylinder pulled revamped and sent back.

    ...anyone else?

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    You mean the oil injection pump.

    I always remove the pump from the cover, and re-install it after the cover is back on.

    I have heard stories from guys who had the dealer do the keyway job and have cracked the pump because they didnt line up the slot.

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    bummer. More reasons why I love my 2 stroke. No filters to change, no valves to adjust. Premix in the tank for added precautions.

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