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    Weight Distribution and MORE speed

    It has probably been mentioned here before but the reason we run faster with LESS gas is not necessarily because the boat weighs less but because the additional weight of a full gas tank keeps the hull from coming as far out of the water. Also I noticed that if you get as far back on the seat as possible this helps in get MORE of the ski out of the water although it puts you in a bad RACKING position!!! I would bet that if we can get MORE of the weight of the ski in the rideplate area, the faster we would go. Makes you wish the gas tank was in the BACK of the boat. LOL

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    Only thing that I could think of that you could relocate is the battery assuming you don't have a stock exhaust but I wouldn't want my battery back there.

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    See my post on relocating the fuel tank on the thread about getting to 100mph on a PWC.


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    Thats a good idea,I have also thought about sliding the engine back a few inches there is room in the RXT, may not be in the RXP.

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