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    California Lakes...Don Pedro?

    I was thinking about a big ass Vaca there next year, housboat etc. Anyone been there...input?

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    Lake Shasta is by far the best! Extremely large, tons of coves and outlets to hide and dock. Waterfalls, tons of greenery etc. In the early months April May it's awesome to run the Pit River as your speedo show 35 and you're not moving, it's bitchen!!
    Check out the Houseboats at Jones Valley Resort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saurron
    I was thinking about a big ass Vaca there next year, housboat etc. Anyone been there...input?

    Big lake. Plenty of room and lots of coves to pull off into to get out of the main rough waterway. A lot of peopel rent houseboats out there for a weekend or so. It is in the middle of nowhere so only small towns and a couple of gas station/stores to shop from.

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    Houseboating with your skiis

    I will say one thing for Pedro they have their act together when it comes to looking at campsites.

    Yeah, I just have never done the houseboat thing before aside from one of the cheap ones you rent for a day just to carry your cooler and stuff around while people take turns skiing and riding the jetskiis.
    Wish they didnt make you pay to refuel when you are done lol.

    This all makes me think of another question. What about towing the skiis with a housboat. Do you string em out a ways or what?

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