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    GP1200R ... couple questions

    First post here, great source of info BTW. Purchased a used 2000 GP1200R.. it had a few mods done to it, PPK, ProTec ride plate, R&D heads I think thats about it. Over the weekend I did the JetWorks and installed the D-plate.. took it out today, after about an hour of pulling kids on kneeboards and the tube. let it cool down, then went for a WOT run, fastest I could get it was 58 mph, going both directions. The previous best was 62 mph.. These are factory speedo numbers (I know I know), but, it definetely was down power from last time out, way down power. The holeshot was substantially better, but the top end was just not there. Any ideas ? The waverunner has approx 62 hours, and the last compression test had all three cylinders with 3 pounds of each other. Oh yeah it has a solas concorde prop 13/19 I believe are the numbers. Thanks, mike

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    You need to get some solid GPS #'s and get an aftermarket tack to see were you are at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fstocker
    The holeshot was substantially better, but the top end was just not there. Any ideas ? Thanks, mike

    The JW mod must have a 3/8 line going from the JW valve outlet into the stinger. If you have a 1/4 line, you will not get enough water to create enough back pressure in the pipe...... you will loose about 150-200 rpms on the top.

    The results would be a significantly improved hole shot but a substantial loss in top end.

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