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Thread: engine removal

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    engine removal

    Are there any guy that would like to put together some instructions step by step on engine removal and and install. I would really like to know what is all involved.

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    I'd be interested to know whats involved too as I have a feeling no matter what it will be in my future someday. Hopefully just for modifications and not repairs....

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    It's not that bad for someone with some mechanical abilities. I have done it twice and I barely have any mechanical abilities. Basically, you drain the coolant, remove the drive shaft, J-pipe, SC and some sensors and wires. The main issue is remembering where all the screws, nuts, sensors, hoses and wires re-attach. Whenever I removed something, I put any screws or nuts in a styrofoam cup and wrote what they went to on the cup so I wouldn't forget where they went. The only "hidden" stuff are the 3 ground wires on the front of the block and the hot wire on the exhaust side of the block. Also, Taking the intake manifold off first makes it easier to get out and back in the hull. This isn't an all encompassing "how to", but it covers the basics.

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    If it fails.......Good luck!!!!!!!

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    I'll tell ya like this. In a million years I never would have thought of doing it, but I did it and it is just like Franko said. If you have somewhat good mechanical skills, you can do it. I went to Harbor Freight and bought an electric wench and mounted it on the rafters in my garage and used it to get the motor in and out of the hull. It was around $125 for everything. Also when it comes to removing all of the wiring, coolant hoses, and whatever else, go to Lowes and buy one of those books with those tiny sticker numbers on them and basically tag the "to" and "froms" with these, even though they pretty much only go one way. When removing certain things that have screws, either put the screws with the items you are removing or put them back in the spot where you removed the item from. Another thing that made me learn really quick on how to do this was the fact that I was running cast pistons and many other inferior internals and no way in hell was I gonna trust the dealership to do this. Having the right tools to do the job is also a must. The best part of this drill is when you drop the motor back in, fill it with oil and coolant, hit the start button, and BAM, it fires right up..
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