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    More water for Intercooler/Exhaust ???

    Has anyone drilled out the yellow tabed washer in the pump for a little more water flow? Wonder if it would cool better? Let me know if anyone has tried it.

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    it will actually make things worse. More water in the exhaust will reduce performance.

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    I drilled mine out .100" and and works great. You have to worry aqbout to much pressure to the intercooler so far so good. However my gutted water box self drains in one end and out the other

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    Thomas, the pipe from the manifold to the waterbox, at the end has three holes which dumps water into the waterbox. if you plug up one of the holes, you can run alot more water through the system without overfilling the exhaust. it also has a hose which ties in at the elbow(exhaust exit) which can get opened up so there is less water pressure going through those 3 holes.

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