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    Resetting a Polaris LoPwr MFD

    This worked for me to reset my Polaris MFD when it was displaying LoPwr and there was no Low Power condition.

    Hold the SET button for 10 seconds, then keep holding set, and hold the MODE button together with it for 10 seconds, then release.

    The screen will read CAL 0000 for a few seconds as you do this. Once you turn the MFD "on" again, all should be well.

    Someone posted this over on sbttoday last year.

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    if you unplug it from back and leave for awhile it will allso reboot software

    later cd

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    It can't be ten minutes either, the 96 Polaris service manual states 2 hours. It seems when the 2 hour wait doesn't work the push button technique would do the job.

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    just make sure you are still reading mph and not kilometers, might get switched by accident doing that.

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