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Thread: Just got her

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    Just got her

    Just got her this weekend. FUN!!!!! I'm just breaking her in but the 25 mph winds and the 50 degree air and water temp leaves me with just over an hour on it. I'll have some questions probably but right now I'm still getting over the sweetness of the ride. Matter of fact does anyone know where I can get some nice goggles or something to keep the water out of my eyes. She shure throws a lot of water around. I can't wait to get her broken in. Someone please send some niec warm weather up to NY please~~!!!

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    I have tried many many glasse/ googles, masks and the link to Aqua Sphere are by far the best if you ride and really get wet.
    They keep all the water and wind (wattery eyes) out.

    shop around for best price.

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