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    what will this get me

    im at 71mph now. what will a riva hood directly to the riva intake, tweeked prop to balance RPM, skegs and other rideplate work (sanding, fill holes redo silicone around it, possibly angle rear up), remove impeller nose cone, a thru hull, and a vortech impeller get me to?

    gurus? green hulk?

    sweet forum too.

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    ur at 71 mph now... with what?

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    no, i have a stg 1 now.

    i want to know what ill be at once ive added the mods i listed.

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    each ski varies, but possibly 2 mph.

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    basically i want to go as fast as possible with bolt on mods, but without changing the ecu or intercooler for now.

    any suggestions as to what else i could do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Hulk
    each ski varies, but possibly 2 mph.
    thanks hulk

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    Get the stage two without the intercooler.

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