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    Dover, DE... Again :(

    Shut down my town

    So i was at a retirement party, and a local plant had a chemical leak. Chlorine. Evacuated a 6 mile radius from it, and basically shut down all the stores in town and told everybody to stay inside.

    Gonna be a long night....

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    **** dude chlorine will mess you up

    damn i worked at a pool this year and just breathing a little powder of it will make you think your dying you cant breath

    is there i news site i can read about what happend or do you know? it sound interesting

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    i been working for a pool company 4 years.... damn right Chlorine will F you up... i work with it on an everyday basis and have about 80 pounds of it in the back of my car at any given time

    i've had a few instances where it really messed me up good... be surprised how good it feels to jump into a pool and drink nasty pool water just so u can catch ur breath and breathe again and wipe the tears out of your eyes while u try to tame your heartbeat back down to a reasonable level.

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    Dover, DE... Again :(
    report came out it was Styrene or something or other. I dunno. Anyway they said stay inside shut off a/c etc etc.

    So i drank and watched tv w/some friends. Good night.

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