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    WOT on the ocean yesterday

    Boy I had some fun yesterday. Normally I like to go out on the ocean and jump waves. But yesterday was a rare day when the ocean (Florida - Jupiter Inlet) was dead calm and I mean FLAT.

    I went out with my RXT that my wife usually rides and my RXP which this time I loaned to my brother in law and his wife and I drove the RXT with my wife on the back.

    My brother in law's wife would not have like wave jumping. I manged 64mph (gps) with 2 people on the ocean and went from the Jupiter inlet to the Lake Worth inlet in no time.

    On the way back we stopped to jump in serveral times. Then we pulled the jet skis up to a restuarant and grabbed a bite to eat. It was fun and well worth the $20K+ investment that my wife gave me a ton of grief about!

    I must say my red rxp and red rxt did look pretty cool tied off at the Crab House in Jupiter! Lots of people making comments and oogling them.

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    Thats awsome Jack. Sounds like you guys had a great time.

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