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Thread: Ice box mod

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    Ice box mod

    I think a neat mod would be to turn the rear bucket into a ice or dry ice bucket. Maybe using the ice packets you put in coolers. Then run a small tube from the SC intake to the top of the bucket. Then drill a hole in the bucket so you could suck air from it.

    The heat from the engine and incoming air would melt the ice and the hole in the bucket would allow you to pull cold air from the bucket. It would also cool the engine compartment down. I think the plastic ice packs would be the best. Then at the end of the day throw them back in the freezer!

    Plus you would have a place for your beer or aquapac some items!!

    It's got to give you a speed gain.

    Maybe even put a ball valve on the tub going to the bucket so you could turn it on or off when you have a grudge race.

    I keep spare oil and a 3lb ancor in mine, just need to find where to put those.....

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    Just don't even think about using Dry Ice, which is frozen carbon dioxide. when it "melts" it turns back into a gas and the CO2 will stop your ski in it's tracks.


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