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    digital display stopped working?

    i just took delivery of the ski day before yesterday and i put a brand new battery in,,put the lanyard in and hit the start button it beeps and everything on the display looks great fuel level,,speed ,43.5 hrs,,,let it run for about 5 seconds cut it off pull the lanyard out!!!! today i do the exact same thing only today the display is blank??no beep no nothing,,the ski starts up and runs just fine but no display,,,only thing i did before i started it up was wash the ski ,,what gives????has the freakin display gone bad already???

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    I had a similar problem with my wife's 03 display - turned out the speedo sensor was shorting out, and it took the display with it. That being said, here's some stuff to check out before you look for a replacement -

    There are 5 different plugs that come off the display - to the fuel tank, to the oil tank, to the speedo, to the buzzer, and to the ECM unit in the very front of your ski - that plug is grey, 3 prong, and the most important one to check. That is where the display gets it's power, as well as the RPM reading and any engine warning codes. Make sure that plug is seated very well! If it's loose, you have exactly the situation you describe - ski runs fine, but nothing on the display. After that, I would disconnect each plug one at a time, and fire it up - there's a chance that one of the signals from fuel/oil/speedo could be bad, and that's shorting the display out.

    After that, look for water intrusion into the display - that will kill it quick!

    If none of that cures your ills, get in touch with WFO - he had an 03-04 display a while back he'd part with........

    Good Luck!

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    Angry display?

    well i unplugged each one of the connecters and turned the engine over.NOTHING engine still runs but no display,, the only thing i can think of is that i washed the ski just before trying to start it up and assuming the display is water proof i was`nt careful with the sponge or the waterhose.
    this really SUX i just went through the same thing with a seadoo gtx $500.00 to replace the LCD,,,,i dont really want to replace the entire display cause i`ll lose my 43.5 hours,,,I JUST DONT GET IT!!!!it worked fine tuesday and then wednesday it dont???the ski has only been ran for 10 seconds total,,,my first yamaha in 12 years and a bad experience already!!!!!

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