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    The official "tips, tricks, timesavers, headache savers" thread

    Since it has been a few years wrenching on these 4-tecs, I thought it might be useful for those who have learned some shortcuts to wrenchng time, learned little helpful wrenching tips, etc, to post some of their "I learned the hard way so you don't have to" type suggestions. Maybe even tools that you developed to make wrenching easier etc.

    Just last weekend I sucked some crap into the ski and wanted to check the strainer in the pump. I pulled the pump off to check the strainer (Which was clogged by the way). I put the pump back on then realized I could have left it on. If you take a 31/32nd socket wrench and put it on a breaker bar, there is enough room for the socket to slip over the plastic nut and easily get it off to clean it out.

    Got any tips? Post em here. Lets see them!

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    were is the strainer

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    If you look at the back of the pump, you will see a large black plastic nut. That nut is attached to the strainer, that keeps the crap out of the intercooler etc..........

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    Jeff, Next time try this first. Hook it up to the hose this reverses the flow of the water and in many cases will blow the trash out of the strainer without removing it.

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