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Thread: Riva Thermostat

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    Riva Thermostat

    I have Riva's full stage 2 kit installed on a 2006 RXT and have had problems with the intercoller getting clogged by grass and causing the exhaust alarm to go off. This I hope I have solved by putting an inline filter between the pump and intercooler.

    I have noticed that the engine compartment runs noticeably hotter with the intercoller installed, has anyone put the new Riva thermostat in? Has it made a difference in engine compartment heat or overall performance?

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    The thermostat wont directly increase performance, but it does reduce heat fade which indirectly increases performance.... if that makes any sense

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    Can you tell a difference in heat in the engine compartment?

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    if you want one, I have a new kit in the box for $120 shipped. The OEM style clamps that come in the kit are missing, most like to use regular clamps anyway.

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