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    How many RPMs do you think I lost riding with this pic LOL..

    Just pulled my SC today. When I got down toit I saw this. The intake tube was almost off. I just knew that the sucker was tighted down good and it was. Some how the top part slipped out. And I rode it hard yesterday but the RPMs stayed around 8000-8100. Where can I get a longer high temp hose from? I dont want this sucker sliding off no more.

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    OOPS this is the picture LOL
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    I find all mine on ebay. You can get the silicone clamps too.

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    what keyword do you search on ebay?

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    The hose is called Purosil..... Its fairly easy to come by. Summit or Jegs should have it..

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    Napa sells the stuff, by the foot in any size.
    It is radiator hose.
    My service guy has a truck full of it.

    I just got a piece from him for the other end of the Riva tube and it was identical stuff.

    I will post a pic later.


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    some rubbers seep oils when they get hot. i kept slipping off intake turbo hoses on my car even with t-bolt clamps till someone told me to put a little coke on the mating surfaces. the sugars help the hose stick to the intake. hasnt slipped off yet. dont need much just dip you finger in and rub it around.

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    Would not impact your speed at all , thats the intake side, the only reason that hose comes off is its just not installed correctly. You probably did not have it in far enough to catch the lip on the end of it with the clamp.

    Just losten the clamp, reinstal untill it buts to the superchanrger, reclamp and your done. Nothing fancy needed to keep that hose on, hell a good zip tie would even work.

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