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    After hearing about the Riva intercoolers being somewhat easy to clog and set off a high temp alarm, an inline strainer is a good idea. How about taking it a step further and installing a T-fitting (or Y fitting) and giving the intercooler and exhaust its own cooling. You would have the incoming to a Y-fitting and have one hose go directly to the exhaust manifold and the other go to the intercooler and then dump over board. It is much harder to have a blockage in the exhaust system. This way if the intercooler gets blocked up alittle you won't get the high temp alarm going off and putting the ski in limp mode. Plus you get a chance to drill a hole and scare your enemies with the intimidating pisser stream. The only question, is there enough cooling water coming in to work both systems on there own without sacrificing performance/cooling?

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    there is plenty of water in that system. that little yellow tab in the back of your pump. that washer controls water volume going into the ski. if you open it up a little you will have alot more volume. the only downside with using the y is that if you y off a water line, the water will usually want to go through the parts with least resistance. if you try blowing through the intercooler vs manifold, the intercooler will be more restrictive which will end up getting alot less water. if you put a restrictor on the water line going to the manifold , than I can see it working out. just have to figure out what size restrictor you'll need.

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    not to mention that too much water into the exhaust will hurt performance.

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