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    Question Ported cylinders & cyl. head kit Q's

    1)What are ported cylinders and what sort of performance increase would you expect to receive? 2)Would you guys recommend the performance cylinder head kit (Riva) also. I would have to change the fuel map according to past threads. 3) Going to a 14/20 dynafly- does this increase rev's and top speed? Mods- PPK,cat gone-D plate, trim tabs,Solas 13/19, riva ride plate,two bar grate,tiny tach and 96 octane fuel, doing 100k/60mph with 4 hours on ski and forgot to look at the tach. How do you get your mods to list below without typing out every nre thread? Sorry for all the questions.

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    You have a lot of questions. Each component is a full discussion in its own. The best thing for you to do by far is to go to the search function and type in each component and then read up on each one individually. Then ask specific questions.

    Things to consider when you start to modify:

    Get a good tachometer and a good GPS for accurate measurement 1st.

    Some components will not cost much (like pump sealing or an aftermarket ride plate) and would help any boat set up.... do those mods first.

    You should put these components on one at a time and measure the changes to determine which ones work for your set up.

    Understand that some of these components will not work well on a stock boat, in fact they can hurt it if you do not take the time to understand how these components work.

    For instance, a taller prop (14/20 dynafly) works great but it requires extra compression (head) extra cooling (high octane fuel) and different jetting (carbs). Put that impeller on without these components, and you put your boat in harms way.

    There are a lot of good tuners on this sight, unfortunately, I am not one of them. Do your homework, and you can build a really fast boat on this web site without wasteing your money buying a bunch of junk.

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    break ski more like at least 12- 15 hr before play with it repost with more detail

    slow down ya talk fast that me

    later cd

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