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    Wow the price went up $900 on the Ultra 260X.

    I must say I am glad nothing changed other then BNG as I just got my 260x and didn't want to have an old model.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shuswap View Post
    Suspect the primary issue is the de-valuing of the previously strong US dollar.
    Kawasakis were the least expensive skis in 2007 and 2008, when the US $ hit an all time low, after staying low for years. Way worse than now.

    Price increase could also be to help move 08s and 09s off dealer lots. I know i would be buying an 2009 260x over a 2010, not that i would buy a 3 seater.
    No way. If you take the Ninja 250 for example, Kawasaki sells as many of them as they can paint. Still, that's the model which jumped the most (+14%). I guess they simply can't keep the low prices anymore.

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    I think Kawi seen the prices of the competition and figured they could jack us up some. Dirt bag move....

    Oh well hopfull they can get enough profit to finally release a new model for 2011.

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    maybe we should wait and see if there is a valid reason for the jacked up price! perhaps kawasakis new paint is smoother for less wind resistence or perhaps the paint deflects rader so that my drug runs will go smoother lmao or maybe just maybe they have done some internal modifacation or fix that they chose not to release! it wouldnt be the first time in history someone bumped up the HP without telling anyone lol
    but odds are they are just loosing $ or are greedy!
    but i must say that PWC are not kawasakis bread and butter
    last 3 years at the toronto international boatshow i could not find 1 single
    dealer that had a kawasaki ski in the show! aposed to 3 or 4 that had yami and seadoo

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    damn and the 15f is still around ?? i thought by now it would be gone

    i like the black and green 260, but hate the silver seat.

    we'll see what santa says in december. i am in doubt if to keep the 08 15f for the wifey and get the 260 for myself or cut down costs and just get the 260 by itself......damn choices

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    I just hope this will allow them to think about reliability a bit more. It's a shame that an otherwise bulletproof machine such as the STX15F has been discretely transformed through the years with cheaper and cheaper solutions to the point of becoming a far worse machine than it originally was.

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    Long Live the 15F! (no thanks to Kawasaki)

    Ok first, i cant see any reason to bump the prices up so much across the board? If this is a bad sales year, taking on the post office gameplan will not work (raise prices, lower service).

    Another intresting note that I'm not sure anyone has brought up here, the 2009 15F cost LESS to make. I can easily point this out since the 2009 STX-15F's have NO primary (1st) waterbox, that right there should save big $$ and the 2009 has NO VALVE/EMISSIONS ports, hence no hardware, the head cover is just one big solid part now. In fact the fitting on the air box is just sitting there un-connected and un-plugged in any way.

    I wanted to be a big fan of the new 250/260x hull but its just too big, feels like driving a bus, and I only have 2 speeds STOP & WOT. At WOT on my 15F with mods i can get about 2 1/2 hours or riding, with 24GPH on the 250x/260x i would only get about 50 minutes!!!!

    Last, whoever put the 5 seconds into coming up with the BNG for the 15F this year shoud be fired IMMEDIATLY, white and titanium, seriously?

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    Quote Originally Posted by goblin View Post
    still looks like shit to me

    they seem color blind

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    meh. i like my 09 better, the grey seat on the green one is dumb. i need to change my 3rd seat to black, i dont get why they made it grey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skips313 View Post
    This 2010 line up just saved me a ton of money.

    It basically means I can just freshen up the race boats and save more for 2011.
    That's what I'm thinking, sold one of the twins I'll keep the other LOUD red headed step child one more season.

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