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    Turning Single PWC trailer into Double

    Has anybody done this? Turn a single PWC zieman trailer into a double trailer. Somebody here at work is telling me that it's a simple thing to do but I'm not so sure about it. I was wondering if anybody here had any experience doing that and if so, what are the things that need to be done so that it can be safe.

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    I know over here (UK) a double for 3-seaters means you need a braked trailor. Apparently, these are high maintenance when used in salt water

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    That's not the case over here in the U.S. I wonder, though, if it's actually legal to convert a single into a double. Hopefully someone here will know.

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    Over 3000 lbs you're suppossed to have trailer brakes....

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    When I went to the DMV to register my single ski trailer that I bought from VA they asked me what weight I wanted to register it for. I was told that anything 3000lbs. or less didn't require brakes, inspection or extra fees.
    So, I registered it as a 3000lb trailer....

    I would imagine if it was built right then sure a single could be made into a double. I think the axle would be the weak link though....

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    What you need to do is make sure your tires can handle the added weight. That means you'll need 4ply or better.

    Depending on the width of your single you may have some stability issues. Also make sure the tong can handle the added weight.

    No breaks needed (in the US.) Your leagal width is 8.5 feet.

    That should cover it.

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