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Thread: 96 SLX780 Specs

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    96 SLX780 Specs

    List Price: $6699
    Warranty: One year, limited


    Dry Weight: 499 lbs. (approximate)
    Draft: 9.0 inches (stationary, unweighted)
    Length: 105.5 inches
    Width: 47.6 inches
    Height: 39.5 inches
    Seat Length: 33.0 inches (centerline)
    Rider Capacity: 1 or 2 persons
    Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.


    Hull Design: Modified-V
    Hull Material: Sheet Molded Compound (SMC)
    Bilge System: Electric/automatic vacuum siphon
    Boarding Handle: Standard (rear)
    Lanyard: Standard (wristband)
    Mirrors: Optional
    Seat Strap: No
    Sponsons: Standard
    Storage: Standard
    Storage Capacity:
    Throttle: Thumb type
    Traction Pads: Standard (full length)


    Engine Type: Two-stroke, in-line triple cylinder
    Bore x Stroke: 71.3mm x 65mm
    Displacement: 779cc
    Compression Ratio: 11.85:1
    Intake System: Crankcase reed valve induction
    Carburetion: Mikuni Super BN 38-34mm (3)
    Exhaust System: Tuned cast aluminum - wet
    Cooling System: Water-cooled, open loop w/thermostat
    Horsepower: 90


    Jet Pump: Polaris Modular Big Mouth w/four-inch extension, single-stage, axial-flow
    Impeller: Stainless-steel, four-blade, progressive-pitch
    Thrust: N/A
    Transmission: Direct-drive
    Trim System: Standard, variable electric


    Battery: 12 volt, 19 amp
    Ignition: Digital CDI
    Ignition Timing: 28 degrees @ 3000 rpm
    Spark Plug Type: NGK BPR8ES
    Starting System: Electric


    Fuel Gauge: Standard (LCD-MFD)
    Hour Meter: Standard (LCD-MFD)
    Oil Gauge: Standard (LCD-MFD)
    Speedometer: Standard (LCD-MFD)
    Tachometer: Standard (LCD-MFD)
    Trim Gauge: Standard (LCD-MFD)


    Recommended Fuel: Regular unleaded
    Fuel Capacity (inc. reserve): 9.8 gallons
    Fuel Consumption: 9.1 gallons per hour (wide-open throttle)
    Reserve Capacity: 2.5 gallons/engine limitis to 4200 rpm
    Lubrication: Variable-rate oil injection
    Oil Reservoir Capacity: 3.5 quarts


    Polaris Industries Inc.
    1225 Highway 169 North
    Minneapolis, MN 55441-5078
    612/542-0500, FAX 612/542-0599

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    How does this compare to the '95? Same stuff or differences?

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    Major difference was the 96 had hump seat, Aquavein top loader intake grate, Skat made impeller swirl type. The 95 had the flat seat, regular 3 or 4 bar intake grate and the 4 blade impeller found on the SL750. The 95 was supposedly a little faster on top end. Probably due to the 4 blade impeller and mostly due to the non top loader flat bar grate.

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    I think the 95 had a 3/4 inch cone extension and the 96 did not or vise versa. Also the carbs are the same but the jetting is all different and I don't know why on that one? anyone?

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