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    Impros or Island Racing

    I purchased a solas impeller 14/19 off ebay.
    It has some minor rock damage that ate a little from it.

    Should I send it to impros or island racing.

    Dave at impros says I need a 13.5/17.5
    I'm thinking impros could repitch and fix up the impeller.

    Anyone think island racing would do a better job fixing it up ?

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    I'd recommend Impros, however trying to change so much pitch may not work. The Stainless has a "memory" and may possibly start to return to the original pitch slightly. Ask Dave if he would recommend doing it.


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    So as I add mods my impeller would automatically adjust. nice ! j/k

    I'm thinking of adding the IC, thru hull and getting the R.

    This is just a temporary hold and to have a backup so I don't have downtime when I get the R impeller and repitch.

    I figured with impros I'd have 2 shots for getting a good repitch.

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