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    All three of mine knock when first cranked and are cold. Within 15-20 seconds they are good to go. The rattle when on the trailer is the necessary alignment slack in the male/Female spline connections in the pump and normally nothing to worry over.

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    It seem to be a common idea that the stock grease used by honda was junk and the bearings and grease should be replaced. This could be why they don't make the noise when new.

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    Hi dav_dman: I have a 2002 Aquatrax (not a turbo) and have just discovered I need an engine. I read your message to nakimble that you may have a line on used or rebuilt engines through your "network". Can you give me any additional information about the availability of a replacement Aquatrax engine?

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    R12x moter

    Quote Originally Posted by dav_dman View Post
    I might have a good 50 hr engine to sell you. I"ll check my network.
    If you still have that moter for sale can you text or call me and let me know either way please Iím looking for one just shoot me a text and let me know at 6065419096

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