2009 K38 International PWC Safety Summit - 5th Annual

2008 K38 International Summit hosted by Kanalu K38 on Mau'i, Hawai'i

The K38 International PWC Safety Summit is a gathering of administrative professionals, recreational enthusiast, and educators involved in boating safety, specific to the use of Personal Watercraft (PWC) or Rescue Water Craft (RWC).

The Summit was created to bring these groups and individuals together to share ideas, address rules & regulations, national education standards, advancing the technology & application, and issues in the line up (tow-surfing). The Summit focuses on the K38 Way of Training techniques and standards derived from personal experiences to further enhance the development and the applicable use (properly) of these unique small vessels.

K38 Water Safety is celebrating 20 years of PWC Education in 2009. This year the Summit theme is on 'Event Leadership and Management'. Attendees will participate in training elements that prepare students and instructors for managing water events utilizing Personal Watercraft (moto d' aqua, aquabikes, or RWC's). The international community of PWC enthusiasts, competitors, vendors and staffing creates the perfect environment for blending all the needs of water security, safety, officiating and management concerns under a myriad of diverse environmental stresssors.

Summit Proceedings
1- K38 Instructor Training October 6-9th 7am to 8pm
2- K38 Summit Proceedings (various timelines) October 8th 7am to 8pm
3- K38 Course Marshal Training Program October 6-18th (5am to 7pm)
4- SUP Stand Up Paddleboard World Championships October 10th
5- quakeysense IJSBA World Finals October 10-18th 7:30pm till 9:30pm
6- IJSBA Parade of Nations October 15th
7- IJSBA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony October 17th
8- IJSBA International Affiliate Meeting
9- K38 International PWC Safety Education Booth October 12-18th (daily vendor display)
10-Negligence and Safety Seminar-October 10th - 1:00PM 'Boathouse' on Main Event Beach

Negligence and Safety Seminar for Promoters
All IJSBA sanctioned promoters are invited to attend a seminar on Negligence and Safety. This seminar will take place at the start of the World Finals (tentatively scheduled for Saturday, October 10) and will be a presentation and discussion of the concepts of negligence, waivers, assumptions of risk, and what we can do to best present our racing to the general public. K-38 will provide a discussion about safety. We invite anyone currently putting on a PWC race or thinking about putting on a race in the future to attend this informal seminar.

For additional information: k38rescue@aol.com

Sponsors: K38 USA enjoys the support of Kawasaki Motors Corporation using Jet Ski watercraft for their training programs. Featuring Ultra LX and 15-F Jet Skis for IJSBA training event management.. Liquid Militia Clothing www.LiquidMilitia.comwww.PWCoffshore.com, OTB Boots, Mustang Survival, Hydro Turf and K38 GEAR.
IJSBA Supporting sponsor for water safety apparel: quakeysense wetsuits

Boating safety information:

Arizona Game and Fish:

Cal Boating DBAW: http://www.dbw.ca.gov/BoaterInfo/QuaggaLoc.aspx#Known

Nevada Department of Wildlife: http://www.ndow.org/boat/

National Safe Boating Council: http://safeboatingcouncil.org/

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