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    Rideplate Help XLL1200

    Hi all - I am looking at a good deal on a R&D rideplate modified by Carl IR off of an 2002 XLT. Will this fit on my 2000 XLL1200???


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    Yes it will fit fine. Do you have a 2" extension on your pump? If so you might need to cut a pocket in the plate to run good angle.

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    I do not think I have an extension. My pump is stock so I have not put one one. Or do they come with a 2" extension?

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    If your pump is stock you do not have an extension. You would had to change your driveshaft and other components.
    Even with pump extension I don't think you would need to pocket the plate as the front and rear of the plate has to be shimmed down for ideal speeds and the shimming will provide the extra clearance an extension will neeed.

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    Ok so the plate will bolt right on with no cutting/mods needed and I will shim it to adjust angle... right?

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