Hi there, I have an '04 215hp RXT with 100hrs. my friend has the exact same ski only with 180hrs, and on the weekend his motor dropped a valve and destroyed just about the whole engine.. head, piston etc and split the bore an inch from the top...

He is an experienced motor mechanic and says that the '04s and '05 do this because of their 2 piece, sodium filled valves..

he says that besides the valve issue, the inside of his motor looked perfect and he says they are built very strong.

we are going to upgrade the valves in mine before it happens to it as well...

what valves should we use? later model oem sea-doo? or is there a better aftermarket alternative?

what about springs and retainers, should these be replaced too?

what other things should we do while it is apart? i'm not really interestd in performance mods as we go on long trips and i want it to be reliable. but if there is something easy or cheap to do while it is apart, ill do it, especially if it increases reliability..

any tips or tricks greatly appreciated.