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    2003 Genesis that doesn't want to run

    I have checked out I think every thing on this thing it will run if you put gas in the carb ports but wont run on her own. I have 22# of fuel pressure I sent the EMM off to DFI to get it checked out it checked out fine.I rechecked my stator wires and got 5.47 to 5.50 on the 7vac side and 3.57 to 3.53 on the 5vac side. Hope someone can help to narrow this down just got this ski a couple months ago and can't wait to ride it

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    Was also wondering if any one would have a 03 genisis there parting out I could use some different parts I'm missing the bracket to hold the battery and the EMM and possible a stator I see that will fit out of a 99-04 with fuel injection thanks!!!!!

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