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    The Sea-Doo day from hell..............

    Learned a very valuable lesson yesterday..............
    Check every single clamp, on every single pipe or hose, on your boats. I lost TWO clamps in the span of an hour!

    First off,I lost the odiker (sp?) clamp that holds the one of the coolant lines on to the rear of the engine. Thank God I was with friends and only about 200 yrds from the dock. Got a tow in,found the problem,got a new screw clamp installed,and refilled the coolant bottle. I was G2G. At that point I made a mental note to go over the boats REAL GOOD this week. About this time,the wifes TEMP light goes off!! WTF!!! Luckily, she just sucked up some sea weed up while waiting for us to fix my boat, and all we had to do was take a swim to clean out the grate. An hour later I am out in the main body of Lake Erie,when the hose clamp that holds the one lower exhaust tube let go!!
    We were close enough to shore to limp it in to the beach before it sunk,and believe me,these pigs are HEAVY when they fill up with water This time around,the SCREW CLAMP had just worked it way loose!! Slipped it back on,tightened it down and back to the water we go. Thank you Mr. Leatherman! Next up,my buddy Wes,scatters the engine in his XP!! SO we tow Wes in,and I offer to let Dave take my RXT out and play. HE comes back with a HUGE bruise on his foot!! WTF HAPPENED TO YOU??? Guess he tried to do a handstand OVER the handlebar and the only thing that stopped him,was his foot!

    About this time we are running out of boats AND drivers,so we called it Beer o-clock

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    LOL! Damn that sucks. Some days go like that though!

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