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Thread: Tow Rope fiasco

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    Tow Rope fiasco

    Ran over the tow rope . Tried to remove at the beach but no luck. Once on the trailer I was able to remove with no problem. Now the engine won't fire up. It's trying but won't kick in. Any thots?

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    somethings caught on the impeller or it got bounded up and the impeller is jammed on the pump???? just the thoughts of a man trying to help...

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    I'll take a look. Thanks for the reply

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    yup something is still in there or bent. Can you remove the plugs and tunr the engine over by hand? It is fairly easy to remove the impellor if you have the tools...

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    As cleetus suggested, remove the spark plugs, then the intake grate (four 10mm bolts) and either turn the shaft from underneath the ski with your hand or some slip jaw pliers (using something to protect the shaft), or if you have a model where you can "see" the coupler inside the hull and can reach it, turn it there. Chances are when you get the grate off, you will see if there is anything wrong with the impeller clearance and the wear ring. When you say it won't turn over, do you mean the starter clicks but you dont hear anything afterwards, or nothing at all when hitting the starter button? if the impeller or shaft is bent and rubbing the sides of the pump, then you should remove the pump to deal with the mess. Numerous posts on this site for impeller replacements and how to's on the pump removal. If the starter doesn't engage, then you have other issues probably related to turning the ski over on it's side to "operate" on the underside. Let us know what the outcome is. Bet you won't go near a rope again...Sometimes the best education is experience. Boating is much like cycling, it is not if you will fall down, it's when...

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    Just read your post again, and sorry, you said your engine is turning over but not starting. Does it sound like it is turning over at "normal" speed or significantly slower? Since you are posting in the four stroke section, I'll assume a VX110? Tell us the year, and model of your ski so that we can take a better guess at some possibilities. Depending on age, model and a lot of other factors, the various "systems" on your machine do not take well to "tipping". Take the plugs out and see if there is fuel on them, more than likely they are loaded from attempting to start and maybe they are fouled. Again, let us know what ski you are running.

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