Well I went riding about 2 weeks ago, ran the ski all day long about 5 hours straight, as i was idling to beach it i hear, crunch crunch, and it died, i thought WTF? sounded at if the starter gear engaged or something, i tried to crank it again afraid of further damage, but it wouldnt turn over.
(the starter bendix was my theory until i got home) on my way home I was bitching and raising hell all the way "f***** starter piece of s*** ruined my day now i have to go home and work on this bitch"..took the engine apart checked the starter..it was fine..hmmm, i take off the rotary cover and i saw it was starting to dig itself into the intake manifold on the edge of the mag cylinder intake port. simple fix, smoot the valve a bit, smoothed all the ports, cause they felt sharp, cleaned it and greased it. my QUESTION IS???? was this caused due to the oil injection was removed and the valve does not get directly lubed as it did before?