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    '06 12F ECU/ RIVA Endurance Kit ECU $100

    I have a stock '06 12F ECU for sale. $100 A reliable source (Rudy @ R-rated) told me that RIVA just repackages the 12F ecu for the Endurance Kit. $100 shipped to the lower 48. Thanks.

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    Maybe call him again to confirm that ECU statement.

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    Skip, that's exactly what he told me. He said that Riva even sent them in Kawi boxes turned inside out so you didn't see the Kawi logo and the part number on the ecu is for a 12F. The purpose was to get more ignition timing and a higher rev limiter. Considering the rest of the Endurance Kit is just repackaged Kawi parts, it makes sense. I didn't buy the 12F ecu from Rudy either so there was no conflict of interest with his advice. For me, the 15F ecu worked better with my setup.

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    I double checked with Rudy and this is what he said:

    "Thats what was said plenty of times but we never took a 12f ecu and put it in a 15f but , that was told to me years ago from Riva when they were putting the kits together but , cant tell you it is 100% the same ,sorry "

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