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    Safety considerations on high speed runs!

    We should be wearing, at the bare minimum, a Simpson or Life Line vest. These life vests are designed to hold together and not come off at speeds over 100mph. They are made with ballistic material to prevent injury to internal organs. The leg straps, that you step through, prevent the vest from coming off over your head on impact. They will also hold an unconscience persons head above water....a definite plus !! On the down side, they don't look "sexy" and give everyone, even the Green Hulk, a huge BEER BELLY !! And you will never be able to "superman" while wearing one.

    Another important item are neoprene board shorts. These prevent "water enemas" (or worse, for females) and the internal damage (and resulting MESS) they can cause. I remember falling off a water ski with nylon trunks and getting the dreaded "enema" embarrassing !! Yamaha makes everyone wanting to demo their skis wear the neo shorts.

    I have mixed feelings on helmets, especially the full face type with chin protection. These helmets have caused unnecessary deaths to boat racers. If you hit the water wrong, they can "bucket" or fill with water and snap your neck !! For motorcycle and auto racing they are fine. For water sports there are better choices. We really don't need a Snell or DOT approved helmet as much as the others do. And we surely don't want to be bothered by wearing a "harness" that is required to be worn by off shore boat racers as per the APBA. (these harnesses help prevent injury by bucketing) Ideally, the best helmet for our use would be one that is light and fits over the head and ears snugly without any "open space" on the underside. Some of the helmens designed for surfing would fit our needs. I have one made by a company in Australia that I used to use in my STV race boat...a Gath helmet. This helmet is designed for water sports, snow skiing and sky diving. The company owner is a real gentleman. He even gave my then GF a free helmet to use while testing Sea-doos.

    With all the money guys spend to make their skis faster, some should be set aside for stuff that helps prevent you from "breaking" !!

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