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    Need Yamaha Guru's to help find a Gremlin

    I have a GPR that acts like it rev. limiter is set at 6,000 rpms it did it a couple of times in a row and would snap out of it know it is permanent.

    Compression is good,
    I tied the power valves open
    Pulled the flywheel off and switched it out with another one I had laying around
    Switched the Advent out with a stock one no difference

    it is a 2000 GP1200R with the following modds
    prox flame arresters
    choke plates removed
    pro tec reed stuffer
    riva t/w crank with about 15 + or - hours
    ada 150 psi head & pro x pistons
    D plate & free flow
    advent ign.

    this is the same ski that got run HOT untill it stopped this spring

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    I'd have guessed PV's, but you said you "tied" them open.

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    Bad electrical connections at the harness toward the bow of the boat.... reseal with grease at the connectors. It solved my problems 2 weeks ago. Mine crapped out at 5000.

    I had other problems to. Boat went into alarm for no apparent reason and one time tried to start itself when I pulled the lanyard. The wires get wet when ever I soaked the boat while riding.

    It's worth a try.

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