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    Re: I got some catching up 2 do

    I've been away from the scene for a while and it's been a little over a year since I seem to recall everyone posting on Riva. Have I missed something, is this the new YAM spot? and why is my ski so slow (70mph) all of a sudden? You guys are flying! What gives, I've been reading like crazy trying to figure it out and whats this about the PACKAGE.

    My ski must be missing a major speed mod lol... Got the 84mm's ready for Lowell, Advent on the way and the 05 pump kit in the mail. What else did you fookers figure out haha.

    2000 GPR

    -Angled cut plate
    -Modded carbs
    -Protec Head
    -R&D pv's
    -Pro Tec Stuffers
    -800 intake
    -D plate
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    Welcome Kelvin.
    -Lots of good folks here, including a bunch of the old Riva crowd.
    -There is a FAQ section to browse, learn, and contribute to, if you don't mind.

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    GPR'S have come a long way man. They are a force to be recond with.

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    Thanks Mark, I will be sure to have a look. Nando gave me a call today and opened my eyes to a few things. I am definitely getting the VF reeds and probably a set of BlackJacks.

    GPR's have allways been a force to be recond with.

    Any comments on my setup so far? Anyone....?


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    Welcome back Kelvin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RX951
    Welcome back Kelvin.
    Thanks RX951

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    You are missing the V-Forces. What nozzle are you going to run?

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    Geez, haven't given the nozzle much thought yet. Is the nozzle required because of the 05 pump?


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    KM you got my info???

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    Fercho, yup I got your PM on Riva.

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