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    Smile 785 pro, need help with carb tuning

    Hello all,
    I was wondering if anyone can tell me where to start with the settings of the needles on my carbs. I have a 99 polaris 785 pro with the following seat triple pipes, hot seat water box, wiseco pistons, rogue racing heads, novi 46mm carbs, rifle bore fuel rail, boyesen reeds, worx racing sponsons, umi steering, fly racing components etc. I need to know where to start with the needles (how many turns is factory rec. on 46mm carbs?) and adjust from there, any and all info is greatly appreciated. thanks for your time.....

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Factory specs will be useless with your carbs. Factory are 44mm and not modified like the rifle bores. What is your current jetting? How is she running? How do the piston tops look? etc...

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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    Welcome to the Hulk billybob.

    Your ski is FAR from stock. Any suggestions are just a guess.

    It would prob help if you give as much detail as possible. What's your jetting at now? How is it performing? How do the plugs look after doing a plug chop? What's your max RPM? etc....

    Best bet is to start way rich and work your way leaner. It's going to be alot of trial and error.

    You may want to give Randy at a call and see what he has to say. He's great with the PRO 785's.

    Good luck

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    Welcome to Green Hulk ! You found the right place for 785's

    Post a couple pictures of the 785,with that many go fast parts,someone here will probably recognize it,may have some history with it.

    Like xlint said,call Randy at Watcon,Randy tuned the factory race boats,if he can't help you-nobody can. He is THE 785 guy, period.

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    I've never had Novi carbs on any of my Pros, but I do know that tuning with the Hot Seat pipes can be challenging. Definately call Randy at Watcon.

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    Tuning tips

    All carbs can be tuned. Find the "Tuning tips" online and start there!


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    thank you all for your responses....had the ski out a few times and ran really well and really fast....ill post pics as soon as I get a chance...I got this out of ohio with a 97 785 pro as well, 97 has some mods but not as heavy as the 99....last time I had the ski out, towards the end of the 3rd day, it would bog down really bad and then stall out and not re-start....when I would get it to start, it would not go anywhere with a hand full of throttle, I would bounce the thing around when a wake would come and it would take off like a bat outta i figured it was something in the fuel system like a piece of something blocking the fuel flow we took apart the whole fuel system and the tank had some debris in it so we cleaned that real well and then cleaned the carbs and jets of the carbs and now just trying to get them tuned in. When we took them apart, they were staggered a lil, front was about 7 turns, middle about 5, and back about 6...was going to try to change it up a bit to see if it would run more solid....any feedback is again appreciated...thanks for your time again guys

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    any thing after 2 turns you need to increase the size of the jet

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    Make sure you are counting a full 360 degrees as one turn.. At 7 turns, the jet would be falling out (almost).. Lugs is right, after 3 turns the jet no longer functions.. keddano will verify this...

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    sorry....i was counting half turns.....but thats still odd cause that would make them about 3.5, 2.5, and 3 turns.....???

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