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    Unhappy In Need Of Help! 01 Virage TXI Not Running Right...

    i have a 2001 Virage TXI (that i just bought) and it doesnt seem to be running right! It has No get up and go! and when i do get on it to take off it feels as if i am going threw gears and shifting but while its doing this its skipping and bogging down... and it just doesnt want to go above 40-45 and its a 1200 and i only weigh 113lbs! it should go a lot faster!!! ive tried new spark plugs (couple times) used polaris 2 stoke oil (what the owners man called 4 on both spark plugs & oil)
    sorry im not good at explaining things like this so if there r any ?'s that might be helpful i'll do my best to answer them..... any help/info would be greatly appreciated!!!!
    p.s. my bilge pump doesnt seem to work either unless im not doing it right lol how do u work it and when should u use it??? sorry blonde! lol

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    Is this the same 2001 Virage TXi as in this earlier thread?
    Help... My 01 virage txi just stopped working!!!
    If so, what was the fix?

    Bilge pump should run when you press the bilge button, and whenever the engine is running. If there isn't much water inside the hull, you won't see any water coming out the rear exit above the deck.

    If you press the bilge button with the engine off, and the seat removed, you should be able to hear the pump humming.

    When the engine is running roughly ('skipping and bogging down'), is there a red lamp or warning message on the display?

    When you watch the RPM display and accelerate, does the RPM rise and fall rapidly, or does the RPM jump up, but the acceleration is weak?

    Has the cylinder compression been checked?

    Has the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) been changed?

    You might find this useful;
    Polaris Ficht Fuel Injected Engines

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    01 VIRAGE TXI 1200
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    May 2009
    Lewiston, ME
    yes its the same one. that was a simple fix just some loose wires! but i dont think this issue is!!! and i guess my bilge pump dont work cuz nothing happens when i push the button (while its running. havent tried it not running yet) and yes the rpm jumps a little but no the red light doesnt come on and no nothing has been checked/changed...

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