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    Possible Oil Spill?

    Hey guys, I just got my skis brought back from the 10 hr service. To make a long story short, the RXP was driven 15 mins back to the dock without the cap for the oil spout on.

    Is there anyway oil might have spilt into the hull?
    If so can i pull the drain plugs in the rear?

    Also, upon start up it displays the message 'Sensor'.

    Sensor malfuntion? What sensor? Possibly caused by the inspection?

    Any input would be great! Thanks!

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    Take the plugs out and rinse it!

    Don't forget to put the plugs back in!

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    oil definitely spilled out of there. i once cleaned my bilge SPOTLESS. did and oil change, and rode the ski for the first time after the cleaning... left the oil fill cap off what a mess.

    tilt the ski up, open the drain plugs and rinse the hull out with the hose. yes it's ok for things to get wet..... rinse it out. low pressure, don't blast things with the hose nozzle...

    you ask if ur allowed to take the drain plugs out in the rear... of course! have u never done that before? do u store the skis on trailer or in the water? you should open the drain plugs after u ride each time to drain it out and if for some odd reason excessive amounts of water come out u know u have a problem.

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    The skis sit on lifts right off the fresh water. I open the drain plugs once a week. I usually only get a drip or two of water.

    I was just curious if there are any other low spots the water may sit in when i rinse them.

    And any idea of what 'Sensor' means on the display when i first put the key in?

    Thanks again.

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    your oil could be too low

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    Yea oil is fine, there was only a lil in the hull that i flushed out. Ran well.

    Thanks again guys.

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