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    Smile 2001 GP1200R - HELP Please! Carb, Throttle Pump and More!!!

    Good Afternoon,

    Alright so Iím going to be upfront and let you all know that I don't know much about jet ski's, though unfortunately I am very getting familiar with the replacement parts really quickly. Long story short I bought a 2001 GP1200R with 36 Hours on the Reader though I know that it has been replaced. Realistically it has about 80 Hours and about 15 Minutes after putting it in the water for the first time it just stopped moving. Come to find out $1,500 in repairs later it needed the intermediate shaft and drive shaft and then to top it off the impeller wouldn't come off so that broke and so on and so on. Well the Yamaha Dealer told me the carbs needed to be done but they might last until the end of the year. The throttle pump was also sticking.

    Okay so put it in the water and it was running fine for about 30 minutes and now you hit the throttle and it just bogs down and dies. If you lightly hit the throttle it goes but tops out at about 30mph. Take it back out of the water same deal then about a couple minutes later it revved back up. I haven't put it in the water again though after a call to Riva they say itís definitely the carbs.

    Now is where I hope your help can come in. I'm already probably close to over what the ski is worth but I do like it and want to keep it. I'm looking for suggestions and recommendations on what needs to be done and who to send it to. I have people that are mechanically inclined just not with jet skis though they are willing to try to help with guidance.

    I appreciate any help and will somehow repay the favor.

    Thank You in advance!!

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    Welcome to GH. Any other mods done to the ski? Has the cat-con been replaced with a D plate and chip?


    Any of us can rebuild the carbs.Osidebill and Jim'sperformance have parts in stock and do alot of carb work, tons more than i do, so i recommend either of the 2.

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    a carb rebuild is in order. you may also be able to free up the accel pump. the exhaust needs to come off and while you are there make sure the cat is ok or just plan on replacing it now with the d-plate and chip. I would recommend replacing the needle and seat. leave the stock spring in it or make sure you order the correct oem one. lots of people just throw any spring or a similar looking spring back in and that is a lot of work to redo just for a spring. most likely you will find a bunch of corrosion inside and maybe some fuel pump discs creased. you will also need to pay close attention to synchronizing the carbs to each other when you install them all back on the plate or you will have issues. If you live near Tampa I have a shop and can do the work. If you aren't scared you can probably do it yourself. you'll know if you can as soon as you try to get that pipe out. lol

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    Thank you for the quick responses. The only other modifications that have been done to the ski was the cat was removed (I have not installed a D plate as of yet) and the impeller was changed to a solas. How difficult is it to remove the carbs? Does anyone have a guide on how to properly do so? I have the service manual for the ski but not sure where to start. Also anyone have pricing on carb replacement?

    Thanks again

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    It could also be the screen on the bottom of the fuel pickup too. Check that before spending loads of money on carb rebuilds, etc.

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    So you have nothing in the stinger? You cant leave it open like that. Also, the Solas prop, what pitch ? 13/19???? Also check the fuel flapper in the fuel pickup.

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    Recommendations on D-plate?? Also not to sound ignorant but how do i check the fuel pickup for the screen obstruction and the flapper? As far as the solas prop, I do believe it is the 13/19 though I can confirm that tomorrow by contacting the dealer who installed it. Am I doing any damage by not having a cat or D-plate in temporarily?

    Thank You

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    Where are you located?

    There are a ton of Yamaha gear heads around. Probably one in your neighborhood.

    Oceanside Bill does good carb work.

    There might be someone close by that can help you out.

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    I'm located in Southeast Massachusetts. Anyone that's around would be great...

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    YOU TOO???

    I'm right there with ya!.. I bought two ski's almost 3 summers ago (99'xll & 00'gpr) and have finally got to where i'm comfortable with them not breaking down on me... Intermediate shafts assy's, Carb rebuilds, Premix, Wear Rings, Props, Bow Eye, Hull Inserts, Reed Plates, Cylinders, Rings, Cables, PV motors, I'd say about $5k in parts to date.... If you have the desire, tools, and a decent place to work on it, (being able to just leave things for awhile really helps!) I would really recommend you do the work yourself. That way too, its always a good feeling knowing if something needs looking at then your not having to open the wallet at the Stealership....

    If you have a digital camera and can post your pictures on this forum then you've got all the help you'll need. If I can do it with the help of the members on this site then anyone can! Post your location, If your close to Hillsborough, NCa. just bring the beer with the ski and I'll help you out!

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