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    99 Ultra 150 good or bad?

    I am looking at purchasing a 1999 ultra 150 I don't really know much about this ski and need a little bit of help with the pro's and con's. I would like a comfortable ski for one or two riders with a very reliable engine the one I am looking at has 110 hours with no mods. Any help or suggestions would be appriciated.

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    I love my ultra 150! If it seems like a good deal i wouldnt think twice about one! It handles great, accelerates good, and sounds amazing. 110 hrs on a 1999 isnt bad at all, and 1999 is the year to have

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    I've got a '99 Ultra, too. I LOVE it! Yea, the newer skis are more powerful, etc. but for speed, power, and playfulness, the Ultra 150 is hard to beat. I love my Ultra more than I love my airplane (I didn't really say that, did I?)

    Are they troublefree? No. Watch for brittle/cracked oil lines, frayed cable for the oil pump, worn pump bearings, and run a compression test. Make sure you remove the multifunction display and re-seal where the wiring harness goes in. It will leak otherwise, and a new display is over $800.

    It makes a whole new boat out of it if you modify the trim to make it give more UP trim.

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    We had one for about two years. My significant other rode it.

    It was a good reliable ski overall. I did not enjoy riding it because I felt that it rode rough and it beat you up in the chop. When I wave jumped with it, my legs and ankles would also smash into the sides of the ski.
    I would not have posted at all but I saw you used the word "comfortable" in your original post and that was my one complaint about the ski. It was NOT comfortable to ride (for me) and with two people on it, I think it would probably bang you around.

    Just my .02
    we only put 60hrs on it before we sold it to buy another rxp but it was solid to that point.

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    The hull is nervous, and they can toss you sideways in heavy chop at speed, I've seen it happen first hand a few times. One guy I was racing while on a GPR was almost decapitated by an oncoming boat.

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    I had 2 of them for 4 yrs, great skis for what they WERE (last of the good 2 strokes,15f would probably suit you better), but not the most comfortable and at 110 hours, its time for a top end,pump bearings too and they suck riding 2 up except in the flatest of water..........

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    Thanks for all the help guys.

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