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    Question Question about riding tom.?

    I was looking under the grate this after noon and I started taking pictures with my blackberry....well the sun was just hitting right and I saw a black rock wedge between the blades. This one black rock was making the cuts in the plastic ring liner. I got it out made sure nothings eles was in there flushed it with 3 hoses running at once and started it up sounds just like my other one no vibration no nothing. The prop. looks like its in perfect condition no big chips or bents in the prop. either. However the ring is in worst condition it does have a small groove in it. My question is how much longer can I run on that? I do live in michigan and winter is around the corner, tom. is goign ot be 83 degrees I was so bummed today I couldnt ride. Do you think Ill be ok to ride all day tom or a few more times before I winterize them. I planned on riding it out and getting this fixed when I go to winterize them. I just want to ride tom. I dont know how many more nice days Ill get. What do you guys suggest Again the groove isnt that deep just half inch wide as you can see in the pics below.

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    You'll have to replace the wear ring. Pretty simple fix if you are mechanically inclined, just make sure that you get the rock outta there.

    As far as riding goes, I can appreciate your situation, as I live in Ohio, and my season is also comming to an end. You can ride it like that, but you may loose a little top end and hole shot. I would change it at the end of the season. You will not damage anything by riding it more.

    As far as changing it goes, you'll need a impeller tool. If you don't have one, try this method:

    Good luck!!!

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