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    Fuel pouring out of cylinders??!!?!

    I've recently installed a set of Novi 48's with 3 internal fuel pumps. Ski ran great for the first week of use, now, no so much.

    Went to the lake this weekend, tried to start, failed to do so, figured it was because the battery was low and I didn't charge. After charging the battery, I try to fire it up.

    1. Seems like the starter was having a hard time turning it over.
    2. I pull the plugs to crank it with no compression resistance.
    3. As soon as I crank, fuel flies out of the cylinders. Gushing out. covering myself and most of the ski in gas.
    4. I try again 5 minutes later, to the same result. Large volumes of fuel flying out of the cylinders.

    I am totally mystified, I've never seen a ski do that, and I have done the plug pull trick many times when trying to flush water from my other ski.


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    might be a needle and seat stuck open or a bad fuel pump diaphram and the fuel is leaking back in thru the pulse lines to the cases. Pull your pulse lines off of the carbs and see if there is fuel in them.
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    fuel pressure and leaking valves....not familiar with carb, but they sure are moving fuel.
    CAUTION: Be careful with this....a loose spark plug wire while cranking WILL ignite your gas leak. I had a VERY fortunate experience with that particular disaster...and you are taking a MAJOR RISK with fuel spraying everywhere....onto you as well.

    Almost anything can and will ignite it

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