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    95 sl bildge hoses

    My 95 sl doesn't have a bildge pump but rather two hoses that run on the back side of the ski. I know they are supposed to take out any water in the hull but they dont sunction up anything. Otherwise the ski is working good. What can I do to make these work again.

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    Check all hoses for blockage also Item#3 make sure the small holes in the side of the fitting are clear they are small (.040).

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    Try blowing compressed air through them. The angled SS tubes at the jet nozzle are the out lets for the tubes. Stick a blow gun in them and blow anything backwards.

    Like Steve said, make sure the small pin hole at the top of the tubes plastic connector is clear as well.

    Also make sure the hoses are mounted up high like the diagram.

    Be sure the filter/screens are clear.

    The jet wash creates a vacuum, which pulls water from inside the hull out. UNLESS there's a clog.

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