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    Cool places to ride in the milwaukee / chicago area?????

    Hey all!

    Love to jump some waves and ride some river trails... Actually just launched on Oconomowoc lake and it was awesome... there was a 1 mile shallow river trail out to the lake but the fish and vegatation was awesome!! also love hopping some waves on michigan. Lakes are a bit boring, i also live like 6 blocks from mckinley marina downtown milwaukee on lake michigan. I heard there are some pretty sick waves on the michigan side of lake michigan... true? where to go?

    but please do share some cool places to go -

    I have 2 rxps and my good friend has a kawi ultra 250...

    PM me for my number / email and lets get out there and have some fun before it gets to be under 50* outside..

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    I'm bringing this post back from the dead! I live in Oak Creek and launch at Bender Park quite a bit, better known as "waverunner beach" to the locals. Michigan can be fun, but my buddies and I prefer riding rivers. Chain O' Lakes/Fox River Waterway in Illinois is a blast!!!

    We're always up for new suggestions, so please chime in people. I have a cottage north of the Wisconsin Dells on the Wisconsin River. It would be awesome if the water levels didn't fluctuate so much. Upper Dells is a blast.

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    Cool places to ride in the milwaukee / chicago area?????

    Love launching at Bender but last Sunday when I launched I noticed quickly that the sand has really built up inside the walls, to the point that anything beyond idling out in the R12x was sucking it up.

    Otherwise, Bender is my fav.

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    Bender just gets old after a while. Personally, I prefer river runs. Nothing like flying down a narrow river at 76 mph

    My buddies and I have been meaning to try Oconomowoc Lake, we hear it's a good time. Maybe that's the next place we need to drop. Goat Roper, we've probably seen each other at Bender before. I've got a 2007 RXP with a Riva Stage 2 and more. Just purchased a 2004 GPR1300R as a project ski. When Lake Michigan is throwing 6 foot swells, the GP will be a shit load of fun.

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